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51. A stray volleyball rolls onto the court during the set and disrupts play. The referees:

52. A substitution is legal when:

53. A team has been assessed a second administrative unnecessary delay. The penalty is:

54. A team is allowed ............. substitutions per set.

55. A time-out will last for a maximum of 60 seconds, unless both teams are ready to play prior to the 60 seconds expiring.

56. A tossed ball that contacts a backboard or its supports hanging in a vertical position over the serving area is a service fault and not eligible for a re-serve.

57. After an injury a coach has 30 seconds to:

58. After the first referees signal to serve, a re-serve occurs when the server:

59. All of the following are accurate in relation to net play except:

60. All teammates, with the exception of the libero, shall wear:

61. An attack line shall be drawn across each playing area from sideline to sideline and shall be:

62. Any action other than a block or a serve that directs the ball toward the opponents court is considered a(n):

63. Any cards issued for unsporting conduct prior to the first set or between sets shall be administered at the beginning of the set immediately following the violation.

64. At the end of the first set, Team A is angry after losing. Team A refuses to follow end-of-set procedures for changing team benches. An unsporting conduct card is issued to the head coach.

65. At the moment of the contact of the serve, the center front may have a foot on but not over the center line.

66. At the moment of the serve:

67. Between sets, teams may:

68. Blocking a served ball is permitted.

69. CF, LF and LB are very close to each other at the net, and all three are reaching higher than the top of the net. The ball is attacked by Team S and contacts LFs hands. Which of the following statements is true?

70. Due to an injury, Team A will be completing the set with only five players. The vacant position is currently the LF. The LB will be coming up as the back-row setter. Correct procedure is:

71. During a dead ball, the playing captain may request the following for his/her team:

72. During a time-out, when should a substitute enter the set?

73. During the set, each line judge shall assist the referees by:

74. During the set, the ........... is permitted to stand in the replacement zone.

75. During the set, the libero tracker shall:

76. During the set, the scorer shall:

77. Each player, including the libero, shall be identified by a number that is:

78. For a deciding set, the first serve is determined by:

79. For a simultaneous fault during a live-ball play, only one penalty is assessed.

80. For a team requesting a time-out in a set after it has taken its allotted time-outs, unnecessary delay shall be assessed.

81. For teams with fewer than six players, each time a vacant position rotates to serve in the ..........., a loss of rally/point is awarded to the opponent.

82. If a visible number is worn on the uniform bottom it does not have to be the same number as the uniform top.

83. If the same player number (not the libero) is listed more than once in the submitted starting lineup, the head coach may correct the error without being charged a substitution if the correction occurs prior to the first serve.

84. If using an intermission in a match that is the best three-of-five sets, it shall:

85. If using an intermission, it shall occur between the first and second set.

86. It is a net fault when:

87. It is legal for a playing captain or head coach to request a time-out:

88. On a re-serve, after the first referees signal for service, requests for ............ may be recognized.

89. Once a replay is signaled by the first referee, the following requests may be recognized:

90. One of the second referees specific responsibilities during a time-out is to whistle a warning at 45 seconds and instruct the timer to sound the audio signal at 60 seconds to end the time-out.

91. Players shall not wear body paint or glitter on their face, hair, uniform or body.

92. Prematch duties for the first referee shall include:

93. Prior to entry into the set, it is legal for a teammate to leave the team bench to warm up in a nonplayable area without volleyballs.

94. Substitution requests are permitted:

95. Substitution(s) during a time-out shall take place at the end of the time-out when both teams are on the court and the second referee:

96. The first referee and second referee:

97. The first referee has the responsibility to:

98. The first referee may utilize a teams video recording device to review a decision when requested to do so by the head coach.

99. The first referee shall signal at the completion of each charged time-out how many time-outs each team has used.

100. The first unnecessary delay by a coach, player, substitute, replacement or team results in a warning (administrative yellow card), but shall not result in the head coach being required to remain seated during play.


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