Utah Trivia Questions with Answers

11. The Utah Jazz, an NBA team, play their home games in which city?

  1. Provo
  2. Ogden
  3. St. George
  4. Salt Lake City

12. What is the official state vegetable of Utah, often featured in traditional Native American and pioneer dishes?

  1. Corn
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Sugar Beet
  4. Potato

13. The Bonneville Salt Flats, known for its vast, flat expanse of salt, is located in which part of Utah?

  1. Central
  2. Eastern
  3. Southern
  4. Northern

14. What is the official state fish of Utah, a popular catch in the state's rivers and lakes?

  1. Rainbow Trout
  2. Brown Trout
  3. Brook Trout
  4. Cutthroat Trout

15. The Tabernacle, an iconic building with a unique organ, is located in which city in Utah?

  1. Provo
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. St. George
  4. Ogden

16. Which river runs through the scenic Zion National Park, offering opportunities for hiking and canyoneering?

  1. Green River
  2. Virgin River
  3. Provo River
  4. Colorado River

17. What is the official state rock of Utah, known for its colorful bands and formations?

  1. Sandstone
  2. Limestone
  3. Shale
  4. Granite

18. The Golden Spike National Historic Site commemorates the completion of which historic transportation project in Utah?

  1. Oregon Trail
  2. Pony Express
  3. Lincoln Highway
  4. Transcontinental Railroad

19. Which Utah city is known for its annual Shakespeare Festival, celebrating the works of William Shakespeare?

  1. Logan
  2. Cedar City
  3. St. George
  4. Moab

20. What is the official state fossil of Utah, a dinosaur known for its large size and distinctive crest?

  1. Stegosaurus
  2. Triceratops
  3. Utahraptor
  4. Allosaurus

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