The Thiefs Story Quiz Question with Answer

21. I saw him tuck the money under the mattress, here "I" refers to whom?

  1. Anil
  2. Hari Singh
  3. Anil's friend
  4. Hari Singh's friend

22. How much money did he steal?

  1. 500
  2. 600
  3. 700
  4. 800

23. What had Anil given to Hari Singh?

  1. some money
  2. a book
  3. a key
  4. all his money

24. Who was the most trusting person Hari Singh had ever met?

  1. publisher
  2. Anil
  3. Inspector
  4. train attendant

25. Why it is difficult to rob Anil?

  1. because he will call police if he get caught
  2. he will kill him if he robbed him
  3. because Anil is greedy
  4. because Anil is careless man

26. Who is easier to rob?

  1. careless man
  2. a greedy man
  3. a trusting man
  4. Anil

27. Who stepped over the balcony and fell on bed?

  1. Anil
  2. a beam of sunlight
  3. a beam of torchlight
  4. a beam of moonlight

28. How did Hari Singh decide to run from there?

  1. by express to Lucknow
  2. by express to Delhi
  3. by express to Jharkhand
  4. to hide in a safe place for some days

29. How was Anil sleeping?

  1. He was asleep
  2. He was sleeping peacefully
  3. His face was cleared and unlined
  4. Anil sighed and turned towards Hari Singh

30. Where did Hari Singh look for notes?

  1. above the mattress
  2. under the mattress
  3. above the cupboard
  4. under the cupboard

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