The Sound of Music Question with Answer

11. When was Bismillah Khan awarded the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna?

  1. in 2000
  2. in 2001
  3. in 2002
  4. in 2003

12. When was Evelyn's deafness noticed?

  1. when she was 18
  2. when she was 19
  3. when she was 8
  4. none

13. Where all did Evelyn give free concerts?

  1. Hospitals
  2. Prisons
  3. Both a and b
  4. Schools

14. Where did Bismillah give his first break through his performance?

  1. at the Red Fort
  2. at Varanasi
  3. at All India Radio
  4. U.S.A

15. Where did Bismillah play the Shehnai on 15th August 1947?

  1. at Ganga Ghat
  2. in Banaras
  3. near Red Fort
  4. at Kaashi

16. Where was the Royal music Academy?

  1. Houston
  2. Columbo
  3. Paris
  4. London

17. Which film is named after Bismillah's instrument?

  1. Shehnai Ki Awaj
  2. Shehnai Ka Raja
  3. Shehnai Wala
  4. Gunj Uthi Shehnai

18. Which men did give trouble to Evelyn?

  1. Men with big eyes
  2. Men with long legs
  3. Men with bushy beards
  4. Men with cold hands

19. Which national award was conferred on Ustad Bismillah Khan?

  1. the Padmashri
  2. the Padma Bhushan
  3. the Palma Vibhushan
  4. All of these

20. Which places had Evelyn worked for?

  1. poor children
  2. prisons and hospitals
  3. schools
  4. none

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