The Road Not Taken Quiz Question with Answer

21. What is the message of this poem?

  1. be wise while choosing and taking decisions
  2. two roads are confusing
  3. road is nothing but a pathway
  4. all

22. What shows that the road has not been used by many people?

  1. the green and untrampelled grass on it
  2. the mud on it
  3. the broken stones on it
  4. All

23. Which thing decides a persons future according to this poem?

  1. the path one chooses to walk
  2. the path one leaves behind
  3. the regrets
  4. the success

24. Why did the poet choose the second road?

  1. because it was well built
  2. because it was beautiful
  3. because it was not used by many people and was appealing to the poet
  4. all

25. Why is the poet asking to be wise while choosing a pathway?

  1. because there is no Going Back option
  2. Because it is the only one road
  3. because it is one sided road
  4. None

26. Why was the poet looking at the path ?

  1. to decide whether it was suitable for him
  2. to see how long it was
  3. to check the road
  4. none

27. Yellow colour symbolizes the season of

  1. Autumn
  2. Rainy
  3. Summer
  4. Spring

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