The Living World Quiz Question with Answer

21. From the passage in question number 21, Growth and reproduction are mutually exclusive events in which of the following

  1. plants only
  2. animals only
  3. higher animals and plants
  4. lower organisms

22. In multicellular organisms...........refers to the production of progeny possessing features more or less similar to those of parents.

  1. growth
  2. reproduction
  3. metabolism
  4. consciousness

23. The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body is known as

  1. metabolism
  2. growth
  3. regeneration
  4. reproduction

24. Cell division plants animals.

  1. continuously, only up to a certain age
  2. only up to a certain age, continuously
  3. continuously, never
  4. once, twice

25. The scientific name of mango is

  1. Mangifera indica
  2. Mangifera Indica
  3. Mangifera indica
  4. Mangifera Indica

26. The order generally ends with

  1. ales
  2. aceae
  3. eae
  4. none of these

27. Which of the following are unique features of living organisms?

  1. Growth and reproduction
  2. Reproduction and ability to sense environment
  3. Metabolism and interaction
  4. All of the above

28. Which of the following term is used to refer the number of varieties of plants and animals on earth ?

  1. Taxonomy
  2. Identification
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Classification

29. Three domains of life are:

  1. Archea, Bacteria, Eukarya
  2. Plant, Animal, Fungi
  3. Aves, Fishe, Mammalia
  4. Prokarya, Eukarya, Mammalia

30. Identify the correct match:

  1. Mangifera - species
  2. Rana - genus
  3. Sapiens - genus
  4. Triticum – species

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