The Little Girl Quiz Question with Answer

41. Who suggested Kezia to make a gift for her father?

  1. her mother
  2. Mr. Macdonald
  3. her grandmother
  4. None

42. Who was a figure to fear and avoided to the little girl Kezia

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Brother
  4. Grandmother

43. Who was Mcdonald?

  1. Kezia uncle
  2. Kezia grandfather
  3. Kezia teacher
  4. Kezia neighbor

44. Whose great speech for the port Authority had been lost?

  1. Kezias father
  2. Kerias mother
  3. Kezias brother
  4. Kezias sister

45. Why did grandmother send Kezia to her father in the drawing room Sunday?

  1. to make her comfortable with her father
  2. to help her have a nice talk with him
  3. to make her understand her father better
  4. all

46. Why did Kezia avoid her father?

  1. she wanted to surprise him
  2. she wanted to play hide and seek
  3. she wanted to check him
  4. she was afraid of him

47. Why did Kezia efforts to please his father irritated him?

  1. he was a rude man
  2. didnt know how to speak to the children
  3. he was unhappy
  4. she had torn his important speech papers

48. Why did Kezia go to her fathers lap?

  1. Her mother was sick
  2. to seek solace
  3. She wanted to feel safe
  4. All

49. Why did Kezia start feeling lonely?

  1. because of her father
  2. because her mother fell sick
  3. her father scolded her
  4. None

50. Why did Kezia tear the papers?

  1. to play
  2. to fill the cushion
  3. to clean her room
  4. all

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