The Last Lesson Quiz Question with Answer

41. What was there in front of the Bulletin Board?

  1. children
  2. police
  3. hawkers
  4. a crowd

42. What was unusual about M. Hamels dress?

  1. wore clean clothes
  2. wore a brand new outfit
  3. wore clothes he wore on prize days
  4. wore traditional French clothes

43. What were the things being taken for granted by the people of Alsace?

  1. Teachers of the school
  2. Time and school
  3. People around
  4. Money and power

44. When people are enslaved, what key do they have to the prison, according to M.Hamel?

  1. their behaviour
  2. power
  3. aggressiveness
  4. mother tongue

45. Where did the parents send their children?

  1. school
  2. coaching
  3. farms and mills
  4. movies

46. Which district came under the Prussian rule?

  1. Alsace and Berlin
  2. Berlin and Lorraine
  3. Alsace and Lorraine
  4. the southern districts of France

47. Which language would the students study from the next day?

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Dutch
  4. Spanish

48. Who asked Franz not to hurry to school?

  1. Old Hauser
  2. former Mayor
  3. former Postmaster
  4. blacksmith Watcher

49. Who occupied the back benches in the class?

  1. weak students
  2. teachers
  3. monitors of the class
  4. village elders

50. Who sat on the back bench on the last lesson?

  1. Franz
  2. Prussians
  3. the village people
  4. The new teacher

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