The Enemy Quiz Question with Answer

11. What idea do you form of Doctor after reading the lesson?

  1. an excellent doctor
  2. a compassionate human being
  3. Sincere and responsible citizen
  4. All these

12. What kind of person was the General ?

  1. a kind hearted
  2. a wise man
  3. a selfish man
  4. none

13. When Yumi, the servant refused to help Hana told her that

  1. she could get out of the house
  2. go back to the baby's room
  3. go and cook food
  4. she and Sadao would hand him over as a prisoner after making him conscious

14. Who is the author of the lesson The Enemy?

  1. Pearl S. Buck
  2. Dickens
  3. D.H.Lawrence
  4. None

15. Who was Dr. Sadao?

  1. An Iranian Doctor
  2. An American doctor
  3. A Japanese doctor
  4. None

16. Why did Dr. Sadao go to America?

  1. to meet the soldiers
  2. to meet his friends
  3. to travel
  4. to study surgery and medicine which was his father's wish

17. Why did Sadao marry a Japanese girl ?

  1. because he liked Japanese
  2. he didn't like any other nationality
  3. Because of his father's fear
  4. because he didn't want to upset his father

18. Why did the Doctor give his flashlight to the enemy soldier?

  1. to help him
  2. to show him the way in the dark
  3. so that he could send him signal in case of any distress
  4. All these

19. Why did the Doctor help an enemy soldier?

  1. because he was an ethical and sincere doctor
  2. because he was his friend
  3. because he knew him
  4. none

20. Why did the doctor's wife feel distressed?

  1. seeing many patients
  2. Seeing General's reaction
  3. Seeing the orders
  4. Seeing White man's blood

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