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51. In the design of gantry girders impact factor for vertical loads for electrically operated cranes is taken as

52. In the design of hands operated gantry girders, the impact factor for vertical loads to be considered is

53. Irrespective of grade, the following properties of steel are same

54. IS 800–2007 recommends use of................connections as far as possible.

55. IS 800–2007, divides sections into...............number of buckling classes.

56. It is recommended that columns should preferably spliced at

57. Lacing and battening of columns is to increase..............of column.

58. Lacing shall be designed to resist transverse shear Vt equal to

59. Limit state of strength includes

60. Load carrying capacity of compression member depends upon

61. Maximum spacing of lacing bars shall be such that the maximum slenderness of the main member between consecutive lacing connection is not more than

62. Maximum thickness of rolled steel strip are

63. Maximum width of steel plates manufactured are

64. Minimum edge distance, in case of hand flame cut edges, shall not be less than.............times bolthole diameter.

65. Minimum edge distances specified by the code should be maintained to avoid

66. Minimum pitch if GI sheets are used is

67. Minimum pitch, if AC sheets are used is

68. Minimum thickness of rolled steel flats available is

69. Partial safety factor for limit state of serviceability for live load and dead load are

70. Partial safety factor for shop welding and field welding are

71. Partial safety factors for dead load and live load for limit state of strength are

72. Pitch of a roof truss means

73. Preferable pitch, if snow load is expected is

74. Prying forces should be considered in designing

75. Rolled steel tubes are referred by their

76. Simple post-critical method may be used for finding shear buckling resistance of web in case of plate girder

77. Size of rivet hole is kept...................more them size of rivet

78. Slenderness ratio l of a vertical stiffener in a plate girder may be taken as

79. The A.C. sheets should be fastened to purlins by 8 mm hook bolts at a maximum pitch of

80. The advantage of steel structure is

81. The beam sections in which the extreme fibre in compression can yield stress, but cannot develop the plastic moment of resistance, due to local buckling are classified as

82. The code does not suggests reduction factor for shear capacity in the case

83. The design strength of tension member is

84. The effective diameter of a rivet is taken as

85. The effective slenderness ratio of battened columns shall be taken as.................times the maximum slenderness ratio of the column

86. The effective slenderness ratio of laced columns shall be taken as............times the actual maximum slenderness ratio, in order to account for shear deformation effect.

87. The following are the statements about tension field method of finding shear buckling resistance of plate girded: which one of them is correct statement?

88. The following types of bolts may be classified as bearing types bolts

89. The heaviest I-section for the same depth is

90. The length of the weld connecting batten plate to the member shall not be less than.............the depth of batten plate.

91. The lightest I-section for the same depth is

92. The minimum length of butt weld shall be...............times the size of weld

93. The most economical section for a compression member is

94. The number of battens should be such that the member is divided into not less than............bays.

95. The roof covering weight including A.C. sheets, laps, connector etc. may be taken as

96. The slenderness ratio of lacing bars should not exceed

97. The successful introduction of..............bolts resulted into replacement of rivets.

98. The yield strength and ultimate strength of M20 bolts are

99. Thickness of battens shall not be less than.....................of the distance between the innermost connecting lines of bolts.

100. To account for weight of electrical fixtures like lights and fans, on lower panel points of trusses additional occasional load to be considered is


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Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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