Software Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

41. Software Quality is

  1. Conformance to requirements
  2. Fitness for the purpose
  3. Level of satisfaction
  4. All of the above

42. The goal of reading SRS document by the software developer is to :

  1. understand the features of the product
  2. ensure that the software is developed as per customer needs
  3. ensure requirements are understandable from a functionality point of view
  4. none of these

43. Software testing techniques are most effective if applied immediately after

  1. Requirement specification
  2. Design
  3. Coding
  4. Integration

44. FAST stands for

  1. Fast Application Specification Technique
  2. Facilitated Application Specification Technique
  3. Functional Application Specification Technique
  4. None of the above

45. The black box concepts

  1. Is invoked by describing a systems in terms of inputs andoutputs, easing the transformation process a black box
  2. Assumes that black box is independent
  3. Assumes that inputs and output will remain stable
  4. None of the above

46. Which of the following is not included in the Software Requirements Specification(SRS) Document ?

  1. Non-functional requirement
  2. Goals of implementation
  3. Functional Requirements
  4. User manual

47. The largest percentage of total life cycle cost of software is

  1. Design Cost
  2. Maintenance Cost
  3. Coding Cost
  4. Testing Cost

48. In the spiral model risk analysis is performed

  1. in the first and second loop
  2. In every loop
  3. In the first loop
  4. before using spiral model

49. The objective of testing is

  1. Debugging
  2. To uncover errors
  3. To gain Modularity
  4. To analyze system

50. The ISO quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering is

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 9002
  3. ISO 9000
  4. ISO 9003

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