Softball Question with Answer

21. Who is the American softball player known for her powerful hitting and was a member of the "Fab Five"?

  1. Jessica Mendoza
  2. Leah OBrien-Amico
  3. Stacey Nuveman
  4. Crystl Bustos

22. What is the term for a pitch in softball that is thrown with a slow, deliberate motion to deceive the batter?

  1. Slow pitch
  2. Changeup
  3. Dropball
  4. Lob pitch

23. Which country won the first Olympic gold medal in softball in 1996?

  1. Canada
  2. Japan
  3. Australia
  4. United States

24. What is the term for a situation in softball where the defensive team records three outs consecutively on three pitches or fewer?

  1. Triple play
  2. Double play
  3. Quick inning
  4. Perfect inning

25. Which international softball tournament is often considered the most prestigious and features teams from around the world?

  1. Pan American Softball Championship
  2. Japan Cup
  3. ISF Womens World Championship
  4. Asia/Oceania Softball Championship

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