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Six Sigma Green Belt Quiz Question with Answer

1. A 3 sigma process will have

  1. 233 ppm
  2. 6210 ppm
  3. 308770 ppm
  4. 66810 ppm

2. A correlation analysis is used to provide a numeric value for which of the following types of relationships between two variables?

  1. Random
  2. Linear
  3. Curvilinear
  4. Causation

3. A measurement system analysis is designed to assess the statistical properties of

  1. gage variation
  2. process performance
  3. process stability
  4. engineering tolerances

4. Cause and Effect Diagram is not known as

  1. Isihikawa Diagram
  2. 4-M
  3. Affinity Diagram
  4. None of the above

5. Cause and effect diagram is used for:

  1. Identifying root cause
  2. Generating ideas
  3. Reducing duplicate ideas

6. Cost benefit analysis does not include

  1. Project benefits
  2. Project cost factors
  3. Project gain
  4. Impact on competitor

7. For a normal distribution, two standard deviations on each side of the mean would include what percentage of the total population?

  1. 95%
  2. 68%
  3. 47%
  4. 34%

8. In order for value flow analysis to be effective, a team must take which of the following steps first?

  1. Define the value stream
  2. Eliminate backlogs in the value stream
  3. Identify overlapping functions in the value stream
  4. Identify specific work practices within the value stream

9. It is a technique to trace the rule responsible for the problem and break the assumption for the process

  1. Assumption Busting
  2. Analogy Technique
  3. Benchmarking
  4. Constrained Brain writing

10. Positional, cyclical, and temporal variations are most commonly analyzed in

  1. SPC charts
  2. multi-vari charts
  3. cause and effect diagrams
  4. run charts

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