Six Sigma Green Belt MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Six Sigma Green Belt MCQs questions answers

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MCQ Quiz on Six Sigma Green Belt multiple choice questions and answers on Six Sigma Green Belt MCQ questions on Six Sigma Green Belt objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs, and competitive exams.

Six Sigma Green Belt Questions with Answers

1. A 3 sigma process will have

2. A correlation analysis is used to provide a numeric value for which of the following types of relationships between two variables?

3. A measurement system analysis is designed to assess the statistical properties of

4. Cause and Effect Diagram is not known as

5. Cause and effect diagram is used for:

6. Cost benefit analysis does not include

7. For a normal distribution, two standard deviations on each side of the mean would include what percentage of the total population?

8. In order for value flow analysis to be effective, a team must take which of the following steps first?

9. It is a technique to trace the rule responsible for the problem and break the assumption for the process

10. Positional, cyclical, and temporal variations are most commonly analyzed in

11. Statistical process control (SPC) is best defined as the use of

12. The critical path for a project is best described as the

13. The DMAIC model is defined as:

14. The statistics that summarize a population are referred to as

15. The team prepares Data Management Plan during which of the following phase:

16. To calculate 99.97% statistical control limits, the practical use of sigma level should be:

17. What are the ways of capturing VOC

18. What is the correct order of the six-sigma phases?

19. What type of data is illustrated by discrete distributions?

20. When the sampling method used creates a difference between the result obtained from the sample and the actual population value, the difference is known as

21. Which of the following is a commonly accepted level for alpha risk?

22. Which of the following is a non parametric test

23. Which of the following is the key objective of a six sigma project?

24. Which of the following measures is increased when process performance is improved?

25. Which of the following measures is used to show the ratio of defects to units?

26. Which of the following shapes is used to present a termination point in a flowchart?

27. Which of the following terms is used to describe the risk of a type I error in a hypothesis test?

28. Which of the following tools can be used to identify and quantify the source of a problem?

29. Which of the following tools is used extensively in quality function deployment (QFD)?

30. Which of the following tools is used to identify potential events and contingencies for an implementation plan?

31. Which of the following tools is used to translate broad requirements into specific requirements?

32. Which of the p value indicates a stable data

33. Which of these are not Multivariate analyses?

34. Which of these is not a Measure of Dispersion


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma Green Belt Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Six Sigma Green Belt Trivia Quiz

Six Sigma Green Belt Question and Answer PDF Online

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