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251. Before applying roofing over prestressed concrete decks many manufacturers recommend the installation of

252. Before re-roofing, all large cracks, knotholes, loose knots and resinous areas in the deck should be?

253. Billy Ray is installing 24 inch tapersplit shakes. Billy Ray should use

254. Cap flashing should extend into the mortar joint a minimum of how many inches?

255. Closed-cut valley work requires the end shingle

256. Cold-applied bitumen emulsions should be applied at a rate of how many gallons per square?

257. Cold-applied bitumens should be applied at a rate of how many gallons per square?

258. Commercial standard slates up to 18 inches long should normally be fastened with penny nails.

259. Continuous flashing over unsealed underlayment requires

260. Corrosion resistant drip edges should extend how many inches back from the edge?

261. Corrosion resistant should be used when blocking is not used.

262. counter batten system of 1 X 2 should be mounted vertically

263. Cover all large cracks and resinous areas with

264. CPE roofing may be used with all of the following except

265. Dead level asphalt or pitch can be heated safely to degrees.

266. Do not heat asphalt to within degrees Fahrenheit of the flash point.

267. Dont apply aggregate surfacing to roofs with slopes over inches per foot.

268. Drip edge should be fastened with nails a maximum of inches on center.

269. Drip edges should be made of corrosion resistant material and extend inches back from the roof edge.

270. During the application of slate care should be taken to ensure proper jointing

271. Eave tile should be set in

272. Edge flashing on slopes less than 1 in 12 requires priming on

273. EPDM membranes should never be installed with which of the following?

274. Existing gypsum decks when re-roofed require fasteners.

275. Expansion joints may be installed in all of the following except?

276. Flat and steep asphalts can be heated safely to degrees Fahrenheit.

277. For open valley application trimming off corners of shingles is referred to as


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Roofing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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