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151. Two joints of shakes should never line up in how many courses?

152. Type IV (special steep) asphalt softens at degrees Fahrenheit.

153. Type IV asphalt has a softening temperature of

154. Type IV asphalt on smooth surfaces lacks which of the following?

155. Type IV asphalt softens at how many degrees?

156. Use a box nail to install a 24-inch tapersplit shake on a new roof.

157. Usually the maximum layers of shingles a roof can support is

158. U-Value of 0.17 will equal R Value.

159. vapor retardant base sheet should be installed when the outside winter temperature is how many degrees or less?

160. Vertical front wall flashing should extend up the wall a minimum of how many inches?

161. water diverter used on the high side of a chimney, usually metal, is

162. Weepholes should be what size in diameter?

163. What pattern is normally used for a hip roof when using three tab shingles?

164. When applying double coverage underlayment on low slopes where icing along the eaves is anticipated, courses should be cemented to a point at least how many inches beyond the interior wall line?

165. When applying elastomeric roofing, brush-apply lap cement at the rate of one gallon per linear feet for a three inch lap.

166. When applying roll roofing on the first course parallel to the eaves, end laps should be a minimum of inches wide.

167. When checking for leaks on a tile roof, look for

168. When completing a T-lock shingle reroof, install the shingles

169. When fabricating the flashing with water guards, the flashing should be anchored to the sheathing with

170. When flashing a valley according to Roofing and Construction Estimating, the contractor should install which of the following in the valley centerline?

171. When flashing at vertical walls, the roofer should do which of the following?

172. When flashing soil stacks it is permissible to

173. When hot-mopping 90-pound material along the eaves, the top of the sheet should be

174. When installing a 6-inch pattern, remove how many inches from the second course?

175. When installing battens on roof slopes of less than 6 in 12, the roofer should use

176. When installing battens, the contractor can

177. When installing closed-cut valleys care should be taken to make sure shingle end joints are at least how many inches from the centerline of the valley?

178. When installing gravel stops Bobby Ray should

179. When installing random-width slates, offset joints in adjacent courses at least

180. When installing shingles using a 6 inch pattern, you must start the first course with a shingle.

181. When installing tile and flashing along the vertical wall

182. When installing tile roofs according to Roofing Construction and Estimating, on slopes steeper than 6 in 12, you can use

183. When installing wood shingles over space sheathing, adjacent courses should be offset a minimum of how many inches?

184. When installing wood shingles over spaced sheathing, the drip edge should extend

185. When measuring from the apex of the roof to the face edge of the first batten, the heads of the two tiles should not be more than how many inches apart?

186. When more than one piece is required to cover the eaves the lap should be how many inches?

187. When repairing splits, blisters, alligatoring & fishmouths, the patch should be inches wider than the area you are repairing.

188. When reroofing over asphalt shingles, nails should be inches long.

189. When re-roofing over wood or asphalt shingles always use the method to assure a smooth roof.

190. When re-roofing over wood, install shingles using the

191. When re-roofing the Butt-up method means

192. Roll roofing is to be installed over existing roofing materials. The insulation is damp.The roofer should

193. When roofing, use penny nails for 24 inch shingles.

194. What are the most vulnerable areas of shingle and shake roofs and should receive the most care

195. When shingling a woven valley, no fasteners should be within how many inches of the valley centerline?

196. Alignment of the top edge of new shingles with the butt edge of the old shingles is

197. When shingling a woven valley, the end shingle should extend beyond the valley centerline at least how many inches?

198. All metal sheets heavier than 30 gauge are called metal

199. When temperatures do not exceed 125 degrees the type of asphalt to be used below grade is

200. Aluminum coating can be onto the roof surface.


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