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101. The first thing a professional roofer measures is

102. The flange under the tile course should extend immediately

103. The lack of expansion joints will cause roofing felt to

104. The least common aggregate for the surfacing of built-up roofs is

105. The linear expansion for mild steel per 100 degrees is

106. The masonry trowel recommended for tile installation is

107. The maximum length of roof battens without shimming is how many feet?

108. The maximum recommended exposure for a 4 in 12 roof using 16 inch Number 1 Blue Label wood shingles is how many inches?

109. The maximum slope of a BUR depends on

110. The maximum width of EPDM flashings is

111. The maximum width of plastic-bitumen composites is

112. The maximum wind velocity is not greater than 100 mph. The roof height is 30 feet to the ridge. The eaves course which of the following?

113. The minimum elevation of the expansion joint above the finished roof is

114. The minimum parapet flashing where the deck is supported by the wall is

115. The minimum softening point for Type IV asphalt is

116. The minimum tons of mission tile to cover 2,000 square feet of roofing area is

117. The most common pitch for corrugation is

118. The most widely used type of asphalt shingle is

119. The most widely used type of asphalt shingle is the

120. The number of bundles of shakes required per square with 1/2 inch spacing, 11 V2 inch exposure use number one straight split true edge shakes is

121. The number of bundles per square for straight-split red cedar shakes measuring 18 inches by 3/8 inches is

122. The number of plies required for 20 feet of head is

123. The penny nail is usually adequate for handsplit shakes.

124. The percentage of roofing injuries attributable to hot bitumen work is

125. The placing of asphalt shingles over built-up roofing is

126. The removal of the corner of a shingle in a valley is called

127. The required depth of ribs when using metal decking for a BUR substrate is

128. The required test cut area should be

129. The roof expansion joints are necessary in order to

130. The roofer should allow how many inches of overhang along the rake fascia for the installation of wood shakes according to Roofing Construction and Estimating?

131. The rule of thumb for adequate attic ventilation is

132. The sealing out of water under pressure is called

133. The slates are installed at the upper end of the valley to within two inches of each side of the valley centerline when installing a(n) (slate) valley.

134. The slope of a woven valley should be limited to slopes of at least

135. The softening point of type III asphalt used in roofing should be degrees Fahrenheit maximum.

136. The starter course for wood shingles according to Roofing and Construction Estimating should overhang beyond the eaves fascia

137. The test cut of the BUR system should be

138. The top thin edge of a wood shake shingle is called the

139. The type of mortar to be used when setting tile is

140. The weather check nearest the butt of the tile is called a

141. There should be no fasteners within how many inches of a woven valley centerline?

142. Tile installation on slopes 2 1/2 in 12

143. To allow for expansion and contraction, install a loose 4-inch glass fiber strip covered with?

144. To construct an open valley, shingles at the upper end of an open valley should be inches apart at the centerline.

145. To ensure a snug fit it is good practice to

146. To install shingles in a woven valley

147. To pass the test, the weight of the test-cut components must be within what percent plus or minus of the specified requirements?

148. To pass the test, the weight of the test-cut components must be within what percent plus or minus of the speciied requirements?

149. To prevent chimneys from leaking the contractor should apply which of the following?

150. Trimming of a sharp valley corner is known as


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