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51. Open valleys require shingles be installed no closer than how many inches each side of centerline?

52. Over a non-nailable deck the recommended plies of 15-pound tar saturated felts in solid moppings of coaltar bitumen is

53. Placing nails in an area that will be covered by roofing materials is called

54. Placing nails in an area to be covered by shingles is nailing.

55. plywood index number of 32/16 means

56. Polyvinyl chloride roofing material should not be exposed to

57. Prefabricated roof panels have a standard width of inches?

58. PV is incompatible with which of the following?

59. rafter extending diagonally from an outside corner of a building to a ridge board s a

60. Random wood shake patterns will require

61. Reroofing over old wood shingles requires nails how long?

62. Ridge caps over standing-seam roofs are often installed over

63. Eave to eave measurement is 40 feet. The gable is 8 feet high. The rise and run is?

64. Roll roofing material used for valley flashing shall be installed with

65. Roof planes butting against walls at the end of shingle courses should be protected by metal shingles called flashing.

66. Roof slopes of less than 6 in 12 use

67. Roof tile is being installed in a valley using a two-ply underlayment system. Bobby Jo could use a

68. roof with a 5:12 slope has a hip factor of

69. roof with a rake factor of 1.302 has a slope in inches per foot.

70. Roofing and Construction Estimating recommends when a chimney is over two feet, install a

71. Roofing and Construction Estimating states the gage nail usually adequate for tile is

72. Roofing Construction & Estimating, one roofer and one laborer can install one square of field tile at the rate of hours.

73. Roofing Construction & Estimating, the full face or woven valley method can be used on most roofs that have a pitch of or steeper.

74. Shingles applied in a closed cut valley require the shingle end to extend at least how many inches beyond the valley centerline?

75. Shingles must extend at least inches on each side of a woven valley.

76. Shingling up the rakes followed by shingling across the roof is known as the method.

77. should be mechanically fastened over all structural cement fiber panel roof deck prior to installation of insulation board.

78. Slate headlap should be a constant

79. Spanish clay roof tile should take an average of man-hours per square to install, on an average roof, per the National Construction Estimator.

80. Special steep asphalt softens at

81. Steel decks shall be a minimum of gage steel.

82. Steel purlins are normally spaced

83. suggested valley flashing for metal roofs is

84. Tapered rigid insulation usually comes in

85. Tapered rigid insulation usually comes in lengths of how many feet?

86. Tapered rigid insulation usually comes in widths of

87. Taper-sawn 24-inch shakes on a new roof system require what type of nails?

88. Termination bar should be mechanically fastened to the deck every

89. Test cuts for BUR systems should be at least

90. The alignment of the top edge of the new shingles with the butt edge of the old shingles is knownas

91. The average weight of one square of mission tile is how any pounds?

92. The best type o contract, according to Roofing Construction and Estimating, for gravel tear-off isa contract.

93. The best way to apply a glass fiber-reinforced asphalt emulsion roof system is to

94. The clipping of shingles at a 45-degree angle is

95. The coverage for Number 1 handsplit and resawn 24 inch by 3/8ths inch shakes with 7 1/2 inch exposure is how many square feet per square?

96. The difference between gravel stop and eave drip is

97. The end lap when applying roll roofing parallel to the eaves using the concealed nail method should behow many inches?

98. The EVT is the temperature at which asphalt will attain optimum viscosity for mechanical spreader application. Apply the roofmg bitumen within degrees Fahrenheit of the EVT.

99. The exposure required for a 24 inch slate using a 5:12 installation is how many inches?

100. The exposure width to the old shingles should be how many inches?


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