Robert Burns Quiz Question with Answer

21. Which of the following songs did Robert Burns claim to be a discovery?

  1. To a Mouse
  2. Auld Lang Syne
  3. To a Louse
  4. The Cotters Saturday Night

22. Which of these creatures did Burns not write an ode to?

  1. Mouse
  2. Cat
  3. Louse

23. Which of these is not a nickname Burns was known by?

  1. Bard of Ayrshire
  2. Deil of Words
  3. The Ploughman Poet

24. Which of these is not formally toasted at a Burns supper?

  1. Haggis
  2. Whisky
  3. Lassies

25. Which poem did Robert Burns write in 1791?

  1. Tam oShanter
  2. The Holy Fair
  3. The Twa Dogs
  4. It Was Upon a Lammas Night

26. Which US city has a life-size replica of Burns first home in Alloway, South Ayrshire?

  1. Chicago
  2. Atlanta
  3. Boston

27. Which US president is said to have been able to recite Burns by heart?

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  3. John F. Kennedy

28. Who did Burns refer to as the jewel o them a?

  1. Elizabeth Paton
  2. Jenny Clow
  3. Jean Armour

29. Whom did Robert Burns assist in editing The Scots Musical Museum?

  1. Gavin Hamilton
  2. George Thomson
  3. David Daiches
  4. James Johnson

30. Whom did Robert Burns marry?

  1. Mary Campbell
  2. Jean Armour
  3. Elizabeth Paton
  4. Irja Pullman

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