Respiratory System Quiz Question with Answer

31. Which statement is true concerning the laryngotrachial bud?

  1. It forms from endoderm.
  2. It forms during the fourth week of development.
  3. It gives rise to the trachea.
  4. All of the above are true

32. Which of the following conditions does not apply directly to the lungs?

  1. pneumonia
  2. influenza
  3. emphysema
  4. tuberculosis

33. Which of the following conditions could not result from trauma?

  1. epistaxis
  2. pneumothorax
  3. eupnea
  4. collapsed lung

34. The disease that causes breakdown of the pulmonary alveoli, thus increasing the size of the air spaces and decreasing the surface area, is called

  1. emphysema.
  2. asthma.
  3. tuberculosis
  4. pneumonia.

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