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Power Sharing Questions with Answers

51. Division of power between higher and lower level of government is known as

52. Give an example of horizontal distribution of power

53. Give one moral reason as why power sharing is good

54. Give reason as to why power sharing can be good for a country?

55. How many times was the constitution of Belgium amended between 1970 and 1993?

56. In ..........an Act was passed to recognise Sinhalese as the only official language, thus disregarding Tamil. The governments followed preferential policies that favoured Sinhalese applicants for university positions and government jobs?

57. In Belgium

58. In Belgium, the percentage of French community is:

59. In dealing with power sharing, which one of the following statements is NOT correct about democracy?

60. In Sri lanka, there are about..... percent Christians, who are both Tamil and Sinhala

61. In Srilanka the democratically elected government adopted a series of...............measures to establish Sinhala supremacy

62. In Srilanka, a new constitution stipulated that the state shall protect and foster............Tamil Indians

63. In the capital city Brussels, 80 percent people speak..........

64. Intelligent sharing of power is done among

65. Majoritarianist constitution was adopted by:

66. Most of the Sinhalese Speaking people in Srilanka are

67. Name one prudential reason for power sharing


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Power Sharing

Power Sharing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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