Power Sharing Quiz Question with Answer

11. The capital city of Belgium is:

  1. Dutch
  2. France
  3. Brussels
  4. none of the above

12. The community government is elected by people belonging to one language community – Dutch, French and German-speaking. What powers does it hold

  1. Cultural, educational and language-related issues.
  2. Political issues
  3. Defence related issues
  4. All of the above

13. The Constitution of Belgium prescribes that the number of Dutch and French-speaking ministers.............in the central government

  1. Shall be equal
  2. Dutch speaking shall be more
  3. French speaking will be more
  4. None of the above

14. The feeling of accommodation has led to the problem in Sri Lanka.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

15. The idea of power-sharing has emerged in opposition to

  1. Democracy
  2. Dictatorship
  3. Monarchy
  4. Undivided political power under one sect

16. The people whose forefathers came from India to Srilanka as plantation workers during the colonial period are called

  1. Sri Lankan Tamils
  2. Indian Tamils
  3. Tamil Indians
  4. Indian Sri Lankans

17. What is the percentage of Sinhala-speaking people in Sri Lanka?

  1. 74%
  2. 75%
  3. 14%
  4. 19%

18. What is the percentage of Sri Lankan Tamils out of the total population of Sri Lanka?

  1. 10 percent
  2. 19 percent
  3. 13 percent
  4. 25 percent

19. What percentage of Srilankan Population is Tamil Speaking

  1. 50%
  2. 20%
  3. 18%
  4. 16%

20. What proportion of population speaks French in the capital city of Belgium?

  1. Bruges
  2. Brussels
  3. Ghent
  4. Antwep

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