Power Plant Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

31. Low grade fuels have

  1. low moisture content
  2. low ash content
  3. low calorific value
  4. low carbon content.

32. Bagasse is

  1. low quality coal
  2. a fuel consisting of wood
  3. fibrous portion of sugarcane left after extracting the juice
  4. a kind of rice straw.

33. Power plants using coal work closely on known which of the following cycle ?

  1. Otto cycle
  2. Binary vapor cycle
  3. Brayton cycle
  4. Rankine cycle.

34. Chemical composition of coal is given by

  1. Proximate analysis
  2. Ultimate analysis
  3. Orast analysis
  4. All of the above.

35. Which of the following contributes to the improvement of efficiency of Rankine cycle in a thermal power plant ?

  1. Reheating of steam at intermediate stage
  2. Regeneration use of steam for heating boiler feedwater
  3. Use of high pressures
  4. All of the above.

36. In power station practice spinning reserve is

  1. reserve generating capacity that is in operation but not in service
  2. reserve generating capacity that is connected to bus and ready to take the load
  3. reserve generating capacity that is available for service but not in operation
  4. capacity of the part of the plant that remains under maintenance.

37. In a steam locomotive the engine is

  1. Single cylinder
  2. Vertical
  3. Condensing
  4. Non-condensing.

38. Ash content of coal can be reduced by

  1. slow burning
  2. washing
  3. pulverizing
  4. mixing with high grade coal.

39. Coal used in power plant is also known as

  1. steam coal
  2. charcoal
  3. coke
  4. soft coal.

40. Which variety of coal has lowest calorific value?

  1. Steam-coal
  2. Bituminous coal
  3. Lignite
  4. Anthracite.

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