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51. Gravity has a range that is

52. ...............can be either a force of attraction or repulsion only a force of attraction.

53. When an atom undergoes radioactive decay, the energy that is released is due to

54. Range of Nuclear forces is

55. The word Science originates from the Latin verb Scientia meaning

56. The scientific method is

57. Which of the following is a possible first step in applying the scientific method

58. Which of the following is a possible final step in applying the scientific method

59. A scientific theory

60. The branch of science which deals with the study of stars is called

61. The physical sciences deal with the study of:

62. The study of the biological specimens are conducted at:

63. The concept of interaction between various particles leads to understand the bonding in the chemical structure of a substance belongs to which subject?

64. What is the correct sequence of events: technology gives rise to new sciences or new sciences gives rise to technology?

65. What is the two principal thrust in physics?

66. Explaining diverse physical phenomena in terms of a few concepts and laws is

67. Deriving the properties of a bigger, more complex system from the properties and interaction of its constituent simple parts is

68. Logical possibility that an assertion, hypothesis or theory can be contradicted by an observation or the outcome of a physical experiment is

69. Which of the following statements is/are correct

70. What is Central to the growth of Physics?

71. Physics is a

72. Origin of the word Physics is from

73. A theory proposed to explain observed phenomena is

74. A truth, which is self-evident is a/an


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Physical World

Physical World Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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