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Organizational Behavior Questions with Answers

151. Tensed, insecurity and nervousness are features of

152. The application of reinforcement concepts to individuals in the work setting is referred to as

153. The cognitive process through which an individual selects, organizes but misinterprets environmental stimuli is known as

154. The extent to which individual believes in importance of power, status difference in organization

155. The extent to which individuals consistently regard themselves as capable, worthy, successful etc is

156. The managers of a multinational company are located in France, India, Brazil, and the United States. Which decision-making technique seems most reasonable for this organization?

157. The more consistent behaviour, the more the observer is inclined to

158. The science that focuses on the influence people have on one another is

159. The science that seeks to measure, explain, and sometimes change the behaviour of humans and other animals is known as

160. The subject of organizational culture has been most influenced by which behavioural science discipline?

161. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is designed to understand

162. They are the worst firm I have ever dealt with is..............components of attitude.

163. Todays managers understand that the success of any effort at improving quality and productivity must include

164. Todays managers understand that the success of any effort at improving quality and productivity must include.

165. Todays organization are

166. Two people see the same thing at the same time yet interpret it differently. Where do the factors that operate to shape their dissimilar perceptions reside?

167. Under ERG theory, R stands for

168. Under Herzbergs theory, factors causing dissatisfaction is called

169. What do we call it when we judge someone on the basis of our perception?

170. What do we call the practice of reinforcing closer and closer approximations of a desired behaviour?

171. What do we call the view that we can learn both through observation and direct experience?

172. What does consensus refer to in attribution theory?

173. What is reality and practical oriented part of thinking

174. What is the most relevant application of perception concepts to OB?

175. What is the name of the theory that deals with how we explain behaviour differently depending on the meaning we assign to the actor?

176. What is the process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment?

177. What is the reactions of individuals to new or threatening factors in their work environments

178. What refers to the negotiation or an agreement between two groups

179. What refers to the network of personal and social relations that is developed spontaneously between people associated with each other.

180. What represent noblest thoughts, ideals etc.

181. What role did the meat play in Pavlovs experiment with dogs?

182. What sort of actions is most likely to be attributed to external causes?

183. What sort of goals does Management By Objectives (MBO) emphasize?

184. What term is used for the extent to which an individual displays different behaviours in different situations?

185. What term is used to describe voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from an organization?

186. When a bank robber points a gun at a bank employee, his base of power is:

187. Which behavioural science discipline is most focused on understanding individual behaviour?

188. Which dimension of Big 5 personality traits represents artistically sensitive, refined etc.

189. Which is also known as a non- reinforcement

190. Which of Luthans managerial activities involves socializing, politicking, and interacting with outsiders?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Organizational Behavior Trivia Quiz

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