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Organizational Behavior Questions with Answers

101. I don t like that company - is...............components of attitude.

102. I will never do business with them again is..............components of attitude.

103. If a person responds the same way over time, attribution theory states that the behaviour shows.

104. If everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way, attribution theory states that the behaviour shows

105. If everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way, attribution theory states that the behaviour shows.

106. Imaginative, artistically sensitive etc are features of

107. In attribution theory, what is distinctiveness?

108. In Maslows hierarchy needs which of the following pair of needs is ranked as lower order needs?

109. In Maslows Need hierarchy which needs are shown between Esteem needs and Safety needs

110. In Pavlovs experiment, the bell was a/an

111. In Two Factor theory, Salary coming under

112. In which stage of the conflict process does conflict become visible?

113. Individual-level independent variables include all of the following except.

114. Job appraisal is the part of

115. Managerial orientation of Autocratic Model of OB is

116. Managerial orientation of Collegial Model of OB is

117. Managerial orientation of Custodial model of OB is

118. Managerial orientation of Supportive Model of OB is

119. Maslow grouped the five needs into two categories

120. Maslows basic needs are also known as

121. Mintzberg concluded that managers perform 10 different, highly interrelated roles. Which of the following is one of the broad categories into which these roles could be grouped?

122. Most of the learning that takes place in the Class room is

123. Most valuable asset in an organization is

124. Mr. Manoj, Manager ABC Company found that skills of workers and machinery used by them as compared to the competitors in the market are obsolete within a year, which type of challenge ABC Company is facing?

125. Mr. Sunils one-day salary was deducted because of his uninformed leave, as he was already warned about this behaviour. It is an example of which method of shaping behaviours?

126. Mr.Balu is late for work each day by about ten minutes. How would attribution theory describe this behaviour?

127. Mr.Dirash has a job which pays an excellent salary. He has a good relationship with his peers and his supervisors. He also likes the fact that the company policy fits well with what he personally believes, and that he has received cnsiderable recognition for his achievements at the company. Which of these factors is MOST likely responsible for the fact that Dirash loves his job?

128. Mr.Sajeev rated Mr. Rajiv high in his job evaluation because both belong to same area and graduated from the same University. It is an example of:

129. Operant conditioning argues that .

130. Organization Behavior is

131. Organization Behavior is not a /an

132. Over the past two decades, business schools have added required courses on people skills to many of their curricul. Why have they done this?

133. People with which type of personality trait commonly make poor decisions because they make them too fast?

134. Person-Job fit means

135. Praveen is dissatisfied with his job but believes that his supervisor is a good man who will do the right thing. Praveen has decided that if he just waits, conditions will improve. Praveens approach to this problem is termed as:

136. Process or administrative theory of organization is being given by

137. Psychologys major contributions to the field of organizational behavior have been primarily at what level of analysis?

138. Raju believes that men perform better in oral presentations than women. What shortcut has been used in this case?

139. Responsible, dependable, persistent and achievement oriented are features of

140. Robert Katz identified three essential skills that managers need to have in order to reach their goals. What are these skills?

141. Sathish has a low absenteeism rate. He takes responsibility for his health and has good health habits. He is likely to have a(an):

142. Scientific Management approach is developed by

143. Select the correct hierarchical order of qualities of an individual

144. S-O- B-A Model combines the S-R Model and

145. Sobha is an honest and straightforward person. She believes her employees are all similarly honest and straightforward, ignoring signs that they may be manipulating her. What perceptual shortcut is Sobha most likely using?

146. Sociable, talkative, assertive etc are features of

147. Some people strongly believe that each person have control of his own life. This is

148. Some people think that what happens to them is a result of fate, chance, luck etc, this is

149. Suspending an employee for dishonest behaviour is an example of which method of shaping behaviour?

150. Syam is always late coming to work and the manager cut his increment. This is an example of.


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Organizational Behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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