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Organizational Behavior Questions with Answers

51. a persons belief about his chances of successfully accomplishing a specific task

52. once view of reality

53. the process of screening out information that we are uncomfortable with or that contradict to our beliefs

54. .................persons are likely to be most successful in the field of research and work based on abstract idea.

55. ................are those factors that exists in the environment as perceived by the individual

56. ...............indicates the level of uncertainty that people can tolerate to work efficiently without experiencing undue stress

57. an attitude reflects the extent to which an individual is gratified or fulfilled by his work

58. the tendency of individual, which directs them to be inward and process ideas and thought within themselves

59. discretionary behaviour that is not part of an employees formal job requirement, but that promotes the effective functioning of the organization

60. the dynamic organization within the individual that determine his unique adjustment to the environment

61. A learned pre-disposition to respond in a consistently favourable or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object

62. A manager is valued by her colleagues for her ability to perform effective break-even analysis on upcoming ventures. In this case, her colleagues value her for competencies that fall within which of Katzs essential management skills categories

63. A study of human behavior in organizational settings is

64. A technique to bring changes in the entire organization, rather man focusing attention on individuals to bring changes easily.

65. A threatened strike action by a labour union to force the management to accept their demands is an example of which of the following power?

66. According to Fred Luthans and his associates, which of the following is considered a part of traditional management?

67. According to Katz, technical skills encompass the ability to

68. According to Katz, when managers have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations, they possess skills.

69. According to management guru Tom Peters, almost all quality improvement comes from of design, manufacturing, layout, processes, and procedures.

70. According to Mintzberg, one of managements interpersonal roles is

71. According to operant conditioning, when behaviour is not reinforced, what happens to the probability of that behaviour occurring again?

72. According to Robert Katz, when managers have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations, they possess......................skills.

73. According to....................employees love work as play or rest

74. All the following are dimensions of Intellectual ability EXCEPT:

75. An enduring attribute of a person that appears constantly in a variety of situation is

76. An OB study would be least likely to be used to focus on which of the following problems?

77. As a manager, one of Jamess duties is to present awards to outstanding employees within his department. Which Mintzberg managerial role is James acting in when he does this?

78. As per Stimulus-Response Model, input for behaviour process is

79. Basis of Autocratic Model of OB is

80. Basis of Collegial Model of OB is

81. Basis of Custodial Model of OB is

82. Basis of Supportive Model of OB is

83. Behaviour, power, and conflict are central areas of study for

84. blends concepts from psychology and sociology

85. Cognitive theory of learning was given by

86. Concept of MBO was introduced by:

87. Determining how tasks are to be grouped is part of which management function?

88. Dual structure approach of motivation is developed by

89. Employees needs met by Autocratic Model is

90. Employees needs met by Collegial Model is

91. Employees needs met by Custodial Model is

92. Employees needs met by Supportive Model is

93. ERG theory of motivation was proposed by

94. Experiments performed by Ivan Pavlov led to what theory?

95. Extension of behavior modification into organization is called

96. Factors other than satisfaction that impact ones decision to leave a current job include all of the following EXCEPT:

97. Four processes have been found to determine the influence that a model will have on an individual. Which of the following is not one of those processes?

98. Good natured, cooperative and trusting are the features of

99. Hawthrone experiment which was a real beginning of applied research in OB was conducted by

100. Hygiene factors are


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Organizational Behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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