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Operations Management Questions with Answers

101. ...............decision is the systematic process of determining a geographic site for a firms operations.

102. In this sampling plan, the inspection results of two sample sizes are used to decide whether to accept or reject the complete lot.

103. The layout in which all the equipmentsperforming similar tasks are grouped together is called

104. Which of the following is a part of cost of quality?

105. Which of the following affect the choice of plant location decision?

106. Which of the following is material handling equipment?

107. The founder of the scientific management movement was:

108. Which of the following is a way of codification?

109. The Hawthorne Studies stimulated the development of:

110. The process of buying large quantities of items when its price is low so that tentative profits can be obtained by selling them at higher prices is called

111. Walter Shewhart developed:

112. Which of the following is a function of purchasing department?

113. ...............is the quantity that should be carried by the company so that production is not affected before the next deliver arrives.

114. The moving assembly line was developed by:

115. ...............is used to monitor characteristics that can be measured and have a continuum of values such as height, weight, volume etc.

116. VED Analysis is related with

117. ...............is used to monitor characteristics that have discrete values and can be counted

118. Which of the following cost is associated with inventories?

119. Which of the following factor affects the choice of the plant location selection decision?

120. Which of the following is not a control chart for variables?

121. Locating the plant nearer to the market is preferred if:

122. Which of the following is not a control chart for attributes?

123. In management literature TQM stands for

124. Industrial buildings may be grouped under

125. ...............is a group of workers from the same area who usually meet to discuss their problems, investigate, recommend solutions and to corrective actions

126. Which of the following is not an advantage of single story building?

127. Which of the following is not a limitation of multi-story building?

128. Which of the following is not an objective of quality circle?

129. Which of the following is not a principles of TQM?

130. Which of the following is not a quality of good plant layout?

131. ...............is the systematic recording and critical examination of existing and the proposed way of doing work as a means of developing effective methods.

132. Which of the following is not anobjective of good plant layout?

133. The costs of all activities incurred to prevent poor quality in products and services.

134. Which of the following is not an objective of MRP?

135. This cost is the cost associated with measuring evaluating, or auditing products or services to assure conformance to quality standards and performance requirements

136. Which of the following is not an Objective of material handling?

137. This cost is the costs resulting from products or services not conforming to requirements or user needs.

138. Which of the following is not aRule for material handling?

139. ...............is a graphical tool to analyse and time the small, physical actions of workers and machine in performing a routine, repetitive, worker- machine task so that idle time can be identified

140. Which of the following is a Rule for material handling?

141. ...............is a process of representing each item by a number, the digit of which indicates the group, the sub-group, the type and the dimension of the item.

142. Which of the following is not atechnique of work measurement

143. ...............is a Manufacturing systems utilizing computer software programs that control the actual machine on the shop floor.

144. Which of the following is a ProductionPlanning?

145. ...............is the Japanese concept of continuous improvement in all things.

146. In ............... the operations are located and the sequence of these operations in the production is determined

147. ...............is concerned with planning the details of the methods required to perform each operation

148. ...............is the process of creating and using mathematical representations of management problems and organizations to predict outcomes of proposed courses of action

149. ...............is the art and science of ensuring that all which occurs is in accordance with the rules established and the instructions issued

150. ...............is the degree to which the design specifications for a product or service are appropriate to its function and use, and the degree to which a product or service conforms to its design specifications


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Operations Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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