Meteorology MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Which of the following would not be associated with stable atmospheric conditions?

  1. widespread fog
  2. temperature inversion
  3. afternoon thundershowers
  4. buildup of pollutants

62. Which of these is common to both cold and warm fronts?

  1. light to calm winds
  2. lifting of warm air over cold
  3. decreasing precipitation rates
  4. divergence of surface winds

63. Why are maritime air masses from the north Atlantic of only limited concern for weather in the U.S.?

  1. they never cause severe storms
  2. prevailing winds move them away from the U.S.
  3. temperatures are usually mild over this region
  4. polar fronts block these air masses from the U.S.

64. Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?

  1. they increase the absorption of solar radiation
  2. they conduct heat from the earths surface
  3. cloud formation releases latent heat to the air
  4. melting ice crystals in the cloud absorb heat

65. Why do hurricanes initially form only in the tropics?

  1. stronger pressure gradients are found there
  2. warm water temperatures are found there
  3. subsiding air currents are found there
  4. Coriolis is weaker there

66. Why do most tornadoes in the central U.S. occur during the spring months?

  1. upper-air temperatures are warmest
  2. air-mass contrasts are greatest
  3. divergence of air aloft is greatest
  4. surface air is most humid

67. Why do surface wind speeds increase toward the center of a hurricane?

  1. reduced friction
  2. stronger Coriolis effect
  3. warmer water
  4. conservation of angular momentum

68. Why is strong heating of the ground by the sun associated with thunderstorms?

  1. leads to greater instability
  2. reduces the relative humidity
  3. reduces the dew point
  4. increases the pressure gradient

69. Why is the number and intensity of wave cyclones greatest during the late fall, winter and spring months?

  1. air is drier then
  2. density of the air is greatest
  3. temperature contrasts are greater
  4. temperatures are below freezing

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