Meteorology Question and Answer

51. The vertical motions that occur when the air is unstable are termed

  1. convergence
  2. subsidence
  3. convection
  4. geostrophic

52. This method of frost prevention relies heavily on the release of latent heat of fusion:

  1. orchard heaters
  2. sprinklers
  3. smudge pots
  4. wind machines

53. Thunderstorm tops most likely occur

  1. in the lower troposphere
  2. in the mesosphere
  3. near the tropopause
  4. in the middle stratosphere

54. Tornadoes most often move toward what direction?

  1. west
  2. southeast
  3. northeast
  4. northwest

55. What causes the dissipating stage of a thunderstorm?

  1. spreading downdraft cuts off air inflow
  2. release of latent heat within the cloud
  3. converging surface winds
  4. converging winds aloft

56. What causes the winds of a hurricane to be so fast?

  1. stronger Coriolis force
  2. weaker Coriolis force
  3. very strong pressure gradient force
  4. coupling with the jet stream

57. What determines when a tropical depression or storm is given hurricane status?

  1. wind speed
  2. central pressure
  3. diameter
  4. water temperature

58. What general circulation wind belt is the place of origin for hurricanes?

  1. westerlies
  2. doldrums
  3. trade winds
  4. horse latitudes

59. What type of clouds is most common in a hurricane?

  1. cirrus
  2. stratus
  3. nimbostratus
  4. cumulonimbus

60. Which of the following should have the steepest pressure gradient?

  1. tornado
  2. middle-latitude cyclone
  3. hurricane
  4. a, b and c should have equally steep pressure gradients

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Meteorology Question and Answer

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