Meteorology MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. On a weather map,..................fronts are shown with triangular points on one side of the front and semicircles on the other.

  1. warm
  2. cold
  3. occluded
  4. stationary

32. Over the last 20 years, which of these has caused the fewest weather related deaths in the U.S.?

  1. lightning
  2. floods
  3. tornadoes
  4. hurricanes

33. Since detection and tracking of hurricanes is now quite accurate, why does damage from these storms continue to increase?

  1. poor forecasts of landfall area
  2. hurricane intensity is greater
  3. changes in tidal patterns
  4. continued development of coastal areas

34. The air mass type most likely to form thunderstorms is

  1. mT
  2. mP
  3. cT
  4. cA

35. The air masses that have the greatest influence on weather conditions in the Midwestern United States are:

  1. cP and mT
  2. mP and cP
  3. cT and cP
  4. mP and mT

36. The approximate lifetime of a wave cyclone is

  1. a month
  2. 10 - 24 hours
  3. 1 - 2 days
  4. a few days to a week

37. The buoyancy of a rising air parcel is greatly affected by

  1. wind speed
  2. air pressure
  3. heat released if water vapor condenses
  4. absorption of solar radiation

38. The cloud droplets in a cloud are formed by water vapor molecules and

  1. molecules of air
  2. other water vapor molecules
  3. hygroscopoic nuclei
  4. protons

39. The development of major winter storms in the midwest depends strongly on

  1. wind speed near the surface
  2. wind speed aloft
  3. amount of snow already on the ground
  4. air mass contrasts

40. The formation of tornadoes is associated with:

  1. severe thunderstorms
  2. cold fronts
  3. middle-latitude cyclones
  4. all of the above

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