Landforms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. Under normal conditions, which one of the following is the correct sequential developments of features made by fluvial action

  1. Waterfalls - meander Bars - River terraces -Oxbow lakes
  2. Meander bars - River terraces - Waterfalls -oxbow lakes
  3. Waterfalls - River terraces - Meander ba Oxbow lakes
  4. River terraces - Meander bars - Waterfa] Oxbow lakes

42. What are Gosynclines

  1. Arched upfolds in the strata of the earths crust
  2. Major structural down folds in the earths crust
  3. Large scale rises in the earths crust
  4. Sliding of plate margins inside the earths crust

43. What is geomorphology

  1. A systematic study of land forming
  2. A systematic study of land features
  3. A systematic study of land forms and their origin
  4. All of the above

44. What is the Exfoliation

  1. It is the formation of round rocks shells
  2. It is the formation of curved rock shells
  3. It is the formation of horizontal rock shells
  4. It is the formation of simple rock shells

45. When does escarpment develop

  1. When a block steps down along a fault plane
  2. When a block moves down vertically along a fault plane
  3. When a block moves horizontally along a fault plane of
  4. When a block moves upward along a fault plane

46. When river is overloaded with fine sediments and river water is lighter than the seawater, which type of delta is formed

  1. Arcuate delta
  2. Bird-foot delta
  3. Truncated delta
  4. Estuarine delta

47. Which of the following is a volcanic plateau

  1. Anatolia plateau
  2. Tibetan Plateau
  3. Antrum plateau
  4. Brazilian plateau

48. Which of the following is piedmont plateau?

  1. Tibet
  2. Anatolia
  3. Patagonia
  4. Brazil

49. Which of the following produced by glaciers

  1. Roches Mountains and Outwash Plains
  2. Outwash Plains and Eskers
  3. Eskers and U-shaped valleys
  4. U-shaped valleys and Eskers

50. Which one among the following is the largest temperate desert of the world

  1. Patagonian desert
  2. Taklamakan desert
  3. Iranian desert
  4. Turkmen desert

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