Landforms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Sequential lend forms occur

  1. In disorderly sequences
  2. In orderly sequences
  3. In orderly sequences following the initial land forms made by the agents of land surface reduction
  4. none of these

32. Shields belong to

  1. Cenzoic era
  2. Misozoic era
  3. Precambarian age
  4. Jurraslie age

33. Solution of rocks is dominant in

  1. Sandstone regions
  2. Limestone regions
  3. Volcanic regions
  4. None of these

34. State of main activity associated with the fold mountains

  1. Volcanoes
  2. Rift Valley
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Horst

35. The Andes mountain range is an example of

  1. Block mountain
  2. Fold mountain
  3. Volcanic mountain
  4. Residual mountain

36. The depositional feature, formed due to the coalescence of several alluvial cones in an arid region is called

  1. Pediment
  2. Bolson
  3. Deflation basin
  4. Bajada

37. The main difference between paternoster lake and tarn is that paternoster lake is

  1. Formed by glacial action whereas tarn is not
  2. Associated with cirque whereas tarn is associated with glacial stairways
  3. Associated with glacial stairways whereas tarn is associated with cirque
  4. A lake whereas tarn is not

38. The plain formed due to coalescence of series of alluvial fans in the piedmont zone is known as

  1. Pediment
  2. Bajada
  3. Pediplan
  4. Hamada

39. The term truncated spur is associated with whicl of the following

  1. Aeolian process
  2. Fluvial process
  3. Glacial process
  4. Weathering proce

40. Thrust fault is caused by

  1. Downwards movement
  2. Upwards movements
  3. Upheaval
  4. Cyclonic folding

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