Landforms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Pediplains occur in

  1. Glaciated regions
  2. Humid regions
  3. Semi-arid regions
  4. Coastal region

22. Peneplains are formed by

  1. Denudation by river
  2. Denudation by glacier
  3. Deposition of winds
  4. Deposition of glaciers

23. Peneplains are formed by

  1. Denudation by river
  2. Denudation by glacier
  3. Deposition by winds
  4. Deposition by glaciers

24. Plains formed by Aeolian deposits are called

  1. Loess plains
  2. Till plains
  3. Sandy plains
  4. Flood plains

25. Playas are depressions formed due to

  1. Deflating action of winds
  2. Glacial erosion
  3. River erosion
  4. Marine erosion

26. Questa form plain is formed by

  1. The sand particle
  2. The resistant strata standing as interstream ridgy with broad low hands.
  3. The wave action
  4. Wind action

27. Residual hill in the desert region is known as

  1. Inlier
  2. Inselberg
  3. Playa
  4. Pediment

28. Rift Valley or grabin is the result of

  1. Faulting
  2. Earthquake
  3. Presence of lakes in the surrounding area
  4. None of these

29. Rift Valleys are formed due to

  1. Folding
  2. Faulting
  3. Volcanic action
  4. Dyke rocks

30. Sedimentary rocks are also called as

  1. Intrusive
  2. Extrusive
  3. Plutonic
  4. Dyke rocks

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