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Landforms MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. A landform developed by the process of deposition occurring towards the centre of intermontane basins in arid or semi-arid regions is know as

  1. Pediment
  2. Bajada
  3. Playa
  4. Peneplain

2. Alluvial cone is predominant in

  1. Coastal
  2. Piedmont zone
  3. Delta region
  4. Pediment region

3. Alluvium shows

  1. Stream valley deposits
  2. Glacial deposits
  3. Erosional deposits caused by wind
  4. None of these.

4. Aretes are sharp ridges which develop between the adjacent

  1. Cirques
  2. Roche moutonnee
  3. Medial moraines
  4. U-shaped valley deposited by precipitation from waters around hot spring is

5. Boulder clay is a feature associated with which one following

  1. Mechanical weathering
  2. Mass movement
  3. River deposition
  4. Glacial depositioin

6. Boulder fields or felsenmeer are

  1. Straight blocks produced by the weak joint blocks
  2. Curved blocks caused by strong joints blocks
  3. Angular blocks produced by separation and sheltering of joints blocks
  4. All of the above

7. Calcium carbonate carbonate-saturated called

  1. Stalactite
  2. Stalagmite
  3. Travertine
  4. Lapies

8. Caledonian orogenic movements are related to the geological history of

  1. Late Jurassic and early Cretaceous period
  2. Late Silurian and early Devonian period
  3. Middle Triassic period
  4. Late Devonian and early Carboniferous period

9. Define Intermotane plateau

  1. They are the outcome of volcanic activity
  2. Outcome of diastrophic activity
  3. They are the remains of certain mountains
  4. They are elevated segment of the earth crust

10. Diorite is an example of

  1. Chemically formed sedimentary rock
  2. Extrusive igneous rock
  3. Plutonic igneous rock
  4. Metamorphic

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Landforms

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