Humidity MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Humidity refers to

  1. Brackishness of water
  2. Latent heat
  3. Water vapour in the atmosphere
  4. None of these

12. If the dew point is below freezing, it is referred to as

  1. Dew point
  2. Specific humidity
  3. Frost point
  4. Humidity during rain

13. Point at which gases turn in to liquid is called its

  1. peak point
  2. dew point
  3. converting point
  4. equilibrium point

14. Relative humidity of atmosphere is measured by

  1. Hydrometer
  2. Hygrometer
  3. Potentiometer
  4. Lactometer

15. Relative humidity refers to

  1. Absolute amount of water vapour in the atmosphere
  2. The amount of hygroscopic nuclei in the atmosphere
  3. Saturated vapour pressure
  4. Ration of actual amount of water vapour in the air to the amount it could hold at the temperature

16. Specific humidity is

  1. The indicator of density of water vapour
  2. The maximum water content existing in the atmosphere.
  3. It is the ratio of the mass of water vapour present to the total mass of air.
  4. none of the above

17. The actual moisture content of a sample of air as a percentage of that contained in the same volume of saturated air at the same temperature is called:

  1. absolute humidity
  2. relative humidity
  3. specific humidity
  4. vapour pressure

18. The instrument used for measuring relative humidity in air is

  1. Hygrograph or psychrometer
  2. Hydrograph
  3. Pantograph
  4. Barograph

19. The mass of water vapour divided by the mass of dry a in a volume of air at a given temperature is called

  1. Absolute humidity
  2. Specific humidity
  3. Relative humidity
  4. Humidity during rain

20. The quantity of water in a particular volume of air is called

  1. Absolute humidity
  2. Specific humidity
  3. Relative humidity
  4. Humidity during rair

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