Clouds MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Which of the following is a cloud on the ground?

  1. Funnel cloud
  2. Fog
  3. Wall cloud
  4. Shelf cloud

32. Which of the following is not a low cloud?

  1. Stratus
  2. Cirro stratus
  3. Nimbo stratus
  4. Cumulo nimbus

33. Which of the following sequences of clouds in ascending order would one meet 500 metres and above the mean sea level?

  1. Stratus, Nimbus, Cirrostratus, Cirrus
  2. Nimbus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus, Stratus
  3. Cirrostratus, Stratus, Nimbus, Cumulonimbus
  4. Stratus, Cirrostratus, Cumulonumbus, Cirrocumulus

34. Which of the following statement is/are correct

  1. High clouds - Cirrocumulus, Cirrus, Cirrostratus
  2. Middle clouds - Altostratus, Altocumulus
  3. Low clouds - Cumulus, Stratocumulu Nimbostratus, Stratus
  4. All the above

35. Which of the following statement is/are correct

  1. Altocumulus - altus and cumulus - high heap
  2. Altostratus - altus and stratus - high layer
  3. Cirrocumulus - cirrus and cumulus - lock of hair and heap
  4. All the above

36. Which of the following types of clouds is a low level cloud

  1. Cirrus
  2. Cirrocumulus
  3. Stratocumulus
  4. Altocumulus

37. Which one of the following is the correct sequence of cloud forms in ascending order of their heights from the ground?

  1. Cirrus, cumulus, stratus
  2. Cumulus, stratus, cirrus
  3. Stratus, cirrus, cumulus
  4. Stratus, cumulus, cirrus

38. Which one of the following precipitation conditions is not characteristic of frontal rainfall type?

  1. Precipitation falls during the passage of a depression in zones facing the passage
  2. It occurs in the middle and high latitudes
  3. It is distinguished from the cyclonic rain because of the prolonged drizzling rain which falls from the warm front of the depression
  4. Cloud burst with longer duration of rain is associated with the squally passage of the cold front

39. Which one of the following types of cloud rarely forms at height lower than 5000 metres?

  1. Stratus
  2. Cumulus
  3. Cirrus
  4. Nimbostratus

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