Sewing Machine Question and Answer

11. This holds the needle in place.

  1. The needle plate
  2. The needle lever
  3. The needle gauge
  4. The needle clamp

12. Which part of the machine has to be in the down position before you can sew?

  1. The take up lever
  2. The Presser foot
  3. The needle
  4. The hand wheel

13. This is a guide containing steps to make a garment

  1. Thimble
  2. Needle threader
  3. Sewing gauge
  4. Pattern

14. This tool protects your fingers when you sew by hand

  1. Thimble
  2. Sewing gauge
  3. Thread
  4. Rotary cutter

15. This tool is used to get a straight cut on fabric

  1. Thread cutter
  2. Tape measure
  3. Safety pins
  4. Rotary cutter

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Sewing Machine Question and Answer

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