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21. The process of local thinning down of a stock by forging operation is called as :

  1. Setting down
  2. Drawing down
  3. Swaging out
  4. Punching

22. Upset forging

  1. Causes a steadily applied pressure instead of impact force
  2. Is used to force the end of a heated bar into a desired shape
  3. Is a forging operation in which two halves of rotating die open and close rapidly while impacting the end of the heated tube or shell
  4. Is a forging method for reducing the diameter of a bar and in the process making it longer

23. Which among the following is a forging defect, which occurs during the upsetting process when faces of the stock become square ?

  1. Buckling of stock
  2. Folds
  3. Surface and internal cracks
  4. None of the above

24. Which among the following is a term used in forging in which the thickness of the job is increased by decreasing its length ?

  1. Drawing out
  2. Punching
  3. Drifting
  4. Jumping

25. Which among the following is used for bending hooks of flat and round steel bars ?

  1. Bending links
  2. Bending blocks
  3. Bolster swages
  4. Fork tool

26. Which among the following parts of the anvil is called beak ?

  1. Rectangular top surface
  2. Round tapered end
  3. Square hole
  4. Bottom portion

27. Which one of the following is the function of tuyeres in the forge ?

  1. Permits cooled air
  2. Controls smoke and Sparks
  3. Acts as an outlet of products of combustion
  4. No function

28. Which one of the following operations is performed when bottom swage and top fuller are used together ?

  1. Hollowing
  2. Drawing out
  3. Jumping
  4. Bending

29. Which one of the following tongs is used while forging hexagonal bolt ?

  1. Round tong
  2. Side tong
  3. Hollow tong
  4. Pipe tong

30. Which one of the following vices is usually used in forging shop ?

  1. Hand vice
  2. Bench vice
  3. Leg vice
  4. Pin vice

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