CNC Machines MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. In a CNC machining centre, any complex cutting motion involving X, Y and Z moments is carried out by

  1. Use of jigs, cams, templates and tracers
  2. skill of the machine operator
  3. combinations of movements obtained from motors along the axis
  4. none of the above

12. In a CNC milling machine, a circular cutter is always produced, by

  1. by operators skill and experience
  2. by copy milling
  3. by combine motion of feed axis
  4. none of the above

13. What is the purpose of using recirculating ball screw nut mechanism in CNC machine

  1. to reduce the setup time
  2. for higher surface finish
  3. for carrying out up-milling
  4. to remove backlash

14. In a CNC turning centres, threads of different pitches are cut by

  1. Different settings of the meander drive and Norton Tumbler gears
  2. Different settings of the feed gearbox
  3. Different settings of the speed gearbox
  4. none of the above

15. In a point-to-point feed axis employing a stepper motor as a prime mover

  1. an encoder for position feedback is a must
  2. an interpolator is a must
  3. a tachogenerator is a must
  4. none of the above

16. In computer controlled machine tools terminal clergy, machining centre is

  1. the origin of the machine coordinate system with respect to which the operator has to make his program
  2. the centre of the cutter which actually goes to the programmed point when used without radius compensation
  3. a computer-controlled machine tool capable of a variety of operations involving rotating cutters
  4. none of the above

17. In computer-controlled machine tools, tool movements are controlled by

  1. Cam
  2. machine operator
  3. foolproof mechanism
  4. none of the above

18. In order to produce a circular group in milling in CNC machining centre

  1. a universal dividing head is necessary
  2. a planetary gear mechanism which actuates the table moment
  3. a rotary table is necessary
  4. none of the above

19. On the CNC lathe

  1. 2-D programming is sufficient
  2. 3-D programming is necessary
  3. 1-D programming is sufficient
  4. none of the above

20. The function of the tachogenerator is

  1. reduction of basic length unit
  2. faster response of the motor
  3. to make 3-D interpolation possible
  4. none of the above

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