Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. The width of the cut made for a rabbet joint is determined by the

  1. size of the saw blade.
  2. desired strength of the joint.
  3. size of the project.
  4. thickness of the stock.

82. The width of the mortise should be the same as the..............of the tenon.

  1. width
  2. length
  3. thickness
  4. radius

83. The.................presses firmly on the top of the wood to prevent the grain from tearing out.

  1. infeed roll.
  2. chip breaker.
  3. pressure bar.
  4. outfeed roll.

84. There are three basic steps to installing a drawer in a table:.............., making the drawer, and installing drawer guides.

  1. cutting a rabbet
  2. cutting the rail
  3. measuring the lip
  4. drilling for brackets

85. To cut a bevel, adjust the track for

  1. ripping.
  2. duplicate parts.
  3. straight crosscutting.
  4. cutting from the bottom.

86. To cut a groove for a strip of inlay, use a.............bit.

  1. beading
  2. left-hand spiral
  3. V-grooving
  4. core box

87. To lay out a dado, superimpose the end of the second board across the...............of the first.

  1. face
  2. end
  3. edge
  4. none of the above

88. To make a miter cut, adjust the miter gauge to the correct angle and proceed as for

  1. ripping.
  2. crosscutting.
  3. chamfering.
  4. cutting a taper.

89. To mix a white stain, combine..............with oil and turpentine.

  1. zinc oxide
  2. raw sienna
  3. burnt umber
  4. white pumice

90. Trim excess stock from a rabbet using a

  1. file.
  2. chisel.
  3. jigsaw.
  4. sanding block.

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