Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. The elevating crank is used to adjust

  1. cutting width.
  2. angle of cut.
  3. depth of cut.
  4. none of the above.

62. The end of each piece in a miter joint is commonly cut at an angle of...................degrees.

  1. 90
  2. 30 or 60
  3. 45
  4. none of the above

63. The ends of the socket piece in a dovetail joint are called

  1. pins.
  2. half-pins.
  3. tails.
  4. blind ends.

64. The first step in crosscutting operations is to put place.

  1. miter gauge
  2. rip fence
  3. sliding T-bevel
  4. stop block

65. The first step in lumber processing is called

  1. selective cutting.
  2. barking.
  3. air drying.
  4. kiln drying.

66. The jointer is used to.............boards.

  1. straighten
  2. smooth
  3. square up
  4. all of the above

67. The most common lap joint is the.................joint.

  1. surface-lap
  2. end-to-end half-lap
  3. cross-lap
  4. half-lap

68. The most common saw blades are.............blades.

  1. ripsaw
  2. crosscut
  3. combination
  4. all of the above

69. The radial-arm saw is sometimes called a............saw.

  1. cutoff
  2. table
  3. combination
  4. back

70. The reciprocating saw is used primarily for

  1. rough cutting.
  2. curved cuts.
  3. finish cutting.
  4. all of the above.

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