Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Before planing, inspect the surface for

  1. sawdust.
  2. correct dimensions.
  3. warp.
  4. finishes.

22. Biscuits are made from compressed

  1. maple.
  2. oak.
  3. beech.
  4. plywood.

23. Box joint is another term for a.......joint.

  1. surface-lap
  2. cross-lap
  3. finger-lap
  4. full-lap

24. Boyles law refers to the relationship between

  1. adhesion and cohesion.
  2. volume and pressure of gases.
  3. heating and cooling.
  4. veneers and laminates.

25. Built-in..............allow you to lock a power miter saw into position at a variety of angles.

  1. metal clips
  2. angle irons
  3. index plates
  4. none of the above

26. Butt joints are made by joining together the edge, end, or face surface of one piece of wood to the.............of another.

  1. edge
  2. end
  3. face surface
  4. all of the above

27. Butt joints can be strengthened using corner blocks, biscuits, dowels, or

  1. straps.
  2. metal fasteners.
  3. joists.
  4. tape.

28. Create a wash coat of one seven parts alcohol.

  1. linseed oil
  2. varnish
  3. lacquer
  4. shellac

29. Cutting several pieces at one time is called..............sawing.

  1. pad
  2. duplicate
  3. repeat
  4. pattern

30. Do not allow your fingers to come closer than.,............inches to the blade on a table saw.

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5

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