Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. A shallow dent in wood can sometimes be repaired by

  1. using steam to swell the wood.
  2. filling it with a sliver of wood.
  3. filling it with glue.
  4. rubbing it with white shellac.

12. A three-view working drawing usually includes...........views.

  1. front, back, and left-side
  2. top, front, and right-side
  3. back, front, and top
  4. left-side, right-side, and front

13. A typical router operates at.............revolutions per minute.

  1. 5000
  2. 9000
  3. 16000
  4. 25000

14. A worker who finishes plans begun by an architect is a

  1. millwright.
  2. precision woodworker.
  3. forestry technician.
  4. drafter.

15. A(n) used to clamp multi-sided projects.

  1. band clamp
  2. C-clamp
  3. pipe clamp
  4. edging clamp

16. used along with a saw to cut miters.

  1. dado cutter
  2. miter box
  3. framing jig
  4. try square

17. used to hold the glass in place in a picture frame.

  1. rabbet edge
  2. dowel
  3. dado
  4. metal clip

18. After cutting a dado, check the depth throughout.

  1. a tape measure
  2. calipers
  3. a combination square
  4. a try square

19. All veneer slices cut from a single log are kept in bundles called

  1. books.
  2. collections.
  3. flitches.
  4. cuts.

20. An assembled mortise-and-tenon joint looks like a simple...............joint.

  1. cross-lap
  2. miter
  3. dado
  4. butt

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