Carpentry MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. Which of the following cannot be sanded with a power sander?

  1. end grain
  2. curves
  3. irregular shapes
  4. none of the above

122. Which of the following cuts can be made with router bits?

  1. dovetail
  2. V-grooving
  3. cove
  4. all of the above

123. Which of the following is a penetrating finish?

  1. varnish
  2. enamel
  3. shellac
  4. Danish oil

124. Which of the following is not a hardwood?

  1. fir
  2. maple
  3. walnut
  4. cherry

125. Which of the following is not a helper used to feed stock into a tool?

  1. pushstick
  2. featherboard
  3. pushblock
  4. straightedge

126. Which of the following is not a softwood?

  1. pine
  2. redwood
  3. birch
  4. cedar

127. Which of the following is not a step in problem solving?

  1. State the problem clearly.
  2. Select the best solution.
  3. Collect information.
  4. Rank the solutions according to effectiveness.

128. Which of the following is not an advantage of the sliding compound miter saw?

  1. It can cut dadoes.
  2. It is safer than a radial-arm saw.
  3. It can cut angles easily.
  4. It can be taken to construction sites.

129. Which of the following is not involved in an electric shock that kills?

  1. a slowed heart rate.
  2. ventricular fibrillation.
  3. respiratory-center paralysis.
  4. paralysis of the hand or other muscles.

130. Which of the following is not recommended for chiseling?

  1. Secure the workpiece with clamps.
  2. Keep the chisel close to your body.
  3. Always hit the tool squarely on top of the handle.
  4. Never allow the edge to touch other tools.

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