Laravel MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Bootstrap directory in Laravel is used to

  1. Load the configuration files
  2. Call laravel library functions
  3. Initialize a Laraval application
  4. Load laravel classes and models

12. Which of the following method breaks the collection into multiple, smaller collections of a given size?

  1. split()
  2. break()
  3. explode()
  4. chunk()

13. Artisan command which is used to flush the application cache is

  1. cache:clear
  2. cache:forget
  3. cache:remove
  4. cache:flush

14. What does the vendor directory contains?

  1. Assets
  2. Third-party code
  3. Configuration files
  4. Laravel Framework code

15. Which methods are used in database migrations classes?

  1. up() and down()
  2. run() and delete()
  3. save() and update()
  4. execute() and rollback()

16. contain robot.txt file.

  1. app
  2. config
  3. public
  4. storage

17. Who developed Laravel?

  1. Taylor Otwell
  2. James Gosling
  3. Rasmus Lerdorf
  4. Guido van Rossum

18. the HTTP Status Code for your website, when its down for maintenance

  1. 200
  2. 400
  3. 501
  4. 503

19. How to check current installed version of Laravel?

  1. php -artisan version
  2. php -artisan list
  3. php -artisan view
  4. php -artisan model

20. Which template engine Laravel use?

  1. Recode Templating Engine
  2. Amaze Templating Engine
  3. Blade Templating Engine
  4. Trans Templating Engine

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