The Lost Child MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Why did the child lag behind his parents?

  1. because of the stops he took to look closely at his favourite things
  2. because he was walking slow
  3. because he was crying
  4. All of the above

32. Why did the child lose his interest in all the things he was interested earlier?

  1. because of separation from his parents and losing his way
  2. because of no response from his parents
  3. because his interest was changed
  4. cant say

33. Why did the child say No to all the things he was earlier crying for?

  1. lost interest
  2. his interest was changed
  3. because being with parents was more important
  4. none of the above

34. Why were the parents holding the hand of their child?

  1. to protect him from the crowd
  2. because of their fears
  3. to help him
  4. none of the above

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