The Lost Child MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. What does the story show?

  1. working of a fair
  2. working of a village
  3. village people are good
  4. working of a childs mind

22. What is the theme of the story?

  1. Close bonding between parents and children
  2. village people are good
  3. we must go to village fairs
  4. None

23. What shop was there at the entrance of the fair?

  1. A toy shop
  2. A balloon shop
  3. A-sweetmeat-shop
  4. A flower shop

24. When did the child realize that he had lost his way?

  1. while running
  2. while eating icecream
  3. when he turned to take permission from his parents to take a ride on a roundabout
  4. none of the above

25. Where did the child go with his parents?

  1. village fair
  2. cinema hall
  3. circus
  4. All of the above

26. Who is the author of the lesson The Lost child?

  1. Sudha Murthy
  2. Mulkh Raj Anand
  3. Amrita Pritam
  4. All of the above

27. Who said to the child: Come, child, come, come on to the footpath?

  1. The father
  2. The mother
  3. Both the father and the mother
  4. Neither the father nor the mother

28. Who took the child to the fair?

  1. parents
  2. kind man
  3. friends
  4. none of the above

29. Who was the little boy going with?

  1. With his father
  2. With his mother
  3. With his father and mother
  4. None of the above

30. Why did the child keep moving without getting any answers?

  1. because of distractions
  2. because of too many attractions
  3. because of his experience and assumed notions about his parents
  4. none of the above

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