The Last Lesson Question and Answer

21. What changes did the order from Berlin cause in school that day?

  1. hustle-bustle
  2. people were happy
  3. teachers were sad
  4. strange quietness and sadness

22. What did Franz find on reaching the school?

  1. People were dancing
  2. school was closed
  3. Police patrolling
  4. strange quietness

23. What did Franz notice that was unusual that day?

  1. strange quietness in the school
  2. soldiers in the school
  3. crowd in school
  4. all of these

24. What did Hauser bring?

  1. sweets
  2. children
  3. friends
  4. old Primer

25. What did Mr. Hamel bring for his class on his last day in the school?

  1. new pens
  2. new notebooks
  3. sweets
  4. story books

26. What do the marching soldiers under the windows represent?

  1. The Dawn of Prussia in the defeat of French people
  2. The defeat of Prussia
  3. The victory of French
  4. None of these

27. What does M. Hamels motionless posture reflect?

  1. the school is dismissed
  2. sense of finality
  3. changing order of life
  4. None of these

28. What does the expression in great dread of scolding mean?

  1. to be happy about it
  2. very badly scared of scolding
  3. To be indifferent
  4. None of these

29. What does The Last Lesson symbolize?

  1. Loss
  2. Loss of freedom
  3. Loss of language
  4. Loss of language and freedom

30. What does the last lesson taught by Hamel symbolize?

  1. no more teaching of French
  2. domination of Prussia
  3. learning of German
  4. loss of language and loss of freedom

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The Last Lesson Question and Answer

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