Fire and Ice Question and Answer

11. What do some people think, the world will end in

  1. war
  2. fire
  3. flood
  4. earthquake

12. What does the ice symbolizes?

  1. love
  2. hatred
  3. violent desire
  4. happy

13. What does the poet compare fire with?

  1. hatred
  2. desire
  3. hot
  4. both a and c

14. What does violent desire refer to?

  1. fire
  2. ice
  3. snow
  4. water

15. What is the meaning of perish?

  1. bloom
  2. rise
  3. die
  4. glow

16. What is the rhyming scheme of the poem?

  1. abaa bcbcb
  2. aaba bcbcb
  3. aaab bcbcb
  4. abab bcbcb

17. What will the world end in?

  1. fire
  2. ice
  3. both a nand b
  4. none of the above

18. What would be a better option to end the earth?

  1. fire
  2. ice
  3. both are equally competent
  4. none

19. What would suffice if the world were to perish twice?

  1. ice
  2. fire
  3. hatred
  4. both a and b

20. Where has he used personification?

  1. fire
  2. ice
  3. earth
  4. both a and b

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Fire and Ice Question and Answer

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