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English Literature MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Who wrote the poem Defence of Lucknow?

  1. Browning
  2. Tennyson
  3. Swinburne
  4. Rossetti

2. Who is commonly known as Pip in Great Expectations?

  1. Philip Pirrip
  2. Filip Pirip
  3. Philip Pip
  4. Philips Pirip

3. A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as?

  1. Spenserian Stanza
  2. Ballad
  3. OttavaRima
  4. Rhyme Royal

4. Carlyles work On Heroes, HeroWorship and the Heroic in History is a course of?

  1. six lectures
  2. five lectures
  3. four lectures
  4. seven lectures

5. Estella is the daughter of?

  1. Joe Gargery
  2. Abel Magwitch
  3. Miss Havisham
  4. Bentley Drumnile

6. Graham Greenes novels are marked by?

  1. Catholicism
  2. Protestantism
  3. Paganism
  4. Buddhism

7. Hamlets famous speech To be,or not to be; that is the question occurs in?

  1. Act II, Scene I
  2. Act III, Scene III
  3. Act IV, Scene III
  4. Act III, Scene I

8. Identify the character in The Tempest who is referred to as an honest old counselor

  1. Alonso
  2. Ariel
  3. Gonzalo
  4. Stephano

9. Identify the character who is a supporter of Womens Rights in Sons and Lovers?

  1. Mrs. Morel
  2. Annie
  3. Miriam
  4. Clara Dawes

10. Identify the poet, whom Queen Victoria, regarded as the perfect poet of love and loss—

  1. Tennyson
  2. Browning
  3. Swinburne
  4. D. G. Rossetti

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on English Literature

English Literature Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

English Literature Question and Answer

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