Arms and the Man MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. What does Bluntschli help Sergius and Petkoff with?

  1. Movement of regiments
  2. Wallpapering the library
  3. Learning the rules of a duel
  4. Making a chocolate cream dessert

32. What does Bluntschli compare a cavalry charge to?

  1. A mob panicking
  2. An ocean wave crashing
  3. Peas being thrown at a window
  4. Dominoes falling

33. What does Bluntschli accidentally leave on the ottoman when hiding?

  1. His pistol
  2. His cap
  3. His chocolate
  4. His cartridges

34. What do Raina and Catherine lend Bluntschli?

  1. A coat
  2. A stick
  3. A bandana
  4. A pistol

35. What country does the play take place in?

  1. Russia
  2. Austria
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Serbia

36. To whom is Louka engaged?

  1. Nikolai
  2. Nicola
  3. Ricola
  4. Roku

37. To whom does Louka get engaged?

  1. Nicola
  2. Nikolai
  3. Sergius
  4. Bluntschli

38. The Serbs are allied with members of which empire?

  1. The Russian
  2. The Batavian
  3. The Austrian
  4. The Transpalpatinian

39. The play might not be described as of which subgenre?

  1. Marriage comedy
  2. Social satire
  3. Melodrama
  4. Comedy of manners

40. The play is written in which form?

  1. Metrical verse; pentameter
  2. Metrical verse; hexameter
  3. Prose
  4. None

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